Day 10: Dress it up

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

For your salad days

Today's idea is for those who plan their lunches on a Sunday. Healthy salad lunches don't have to be a compromise in a mason jar and risky ziplocs. sQuishloc can be your one pouch solution that is space-saving, reliably sealing and all-around convenient to carry.

Bringing a delicious homemade dressing is now a matter of layering into your sQuishloc at home. Assemble it at work by shaking the sQuishloc to mix before pouring on to your crunchy choice of salad ingredients. It's also easy to rinse before bringing home to throw into your dishwasher.

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