sQuishloc at Collision Conference 2015

Earlier this year, sQuishloc was invited to exhibit at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas from May 5-6, 2015. It was a great opportunity for us to validate the product, walk amongst our target market and get feedback.

Prior to launch of the conference, we were listed as the 20 most Phenomenal startups exhibiting at Collide!

Day 1 (May 5th)

Despite being a non-tech product at a tech conference we managed to attract attendees -sQuishloc pouches were filled with bright green aloe gel, grabbing the attention of passerby. Approximately 200 people stopped by our booth that day, our biggest sell was; how it was re-usable, collapsible and travel friendly.

We met many future customers and were thrilled to see them test the product for leakage, most suggested that they would use it for travel, adventures (hiking,camping etc.) at the gym for their protein shakes and smoothies to have breakfast on the go!

Day 2 (May 6th)

On the second day we were lucky to hack a radio interview with Alan Taylor of  Popular Science Magazine. To listen our interview click here!

And this sums up our experience at the conference. 

Thank you Collision for providing us with this wonderful opportunity!

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