behind the scenes

Kickstarting sQuishloc

The list of things to do when putting together a Kickstarter campaign is never ending! For starters, there are decisions. Decisions typically made after production, like marketing and pricing have to be made pre-production. With my blog, I would like to share my experience of launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The first highlight on the marketing front for me is the centre of every campaign page – the video. To sum up all I've been doing over the last few months in about 3 minutes or so was one of my biggest challenges. It’s like writing a paper: you have an intro, then you dig into the meat of your content and finally wrap up the story, pitch and hook in a quick cohesive way.

I started brainstorming and imagining what my launch video would look like back in June. Storyline, product highlights, voice-overs, graphics – many options conceived, all of them considered and several canned (for good reasons too!).When time came to shoot the video in October, I had lined up a script, location, props, actor and a production team. Friends and family generously opened their homes for the shoot and offered their hands for hand modelling – I was very lucky! 

Day of the shoot we all got together at 10 AM at my cousin's beautiful apartment and the team started setting up. There were lights, cameras, and when it was time for action – I became extremely nervous. It’s just a camera not a 100,000 people, I told myself. But my mind wandered to those who will be watching this when I put my campaign up – including my siblings (who I can always count on to give it to me straight up!).

It ain't easy, being in the spotlight

I had one shot at this, since I only had the budget to shoot everything in one day. My production team was highly talented, they helped walk me through how a video is shot, the do’s and don’ts. With that in mind, and after a couple of tries, the production team had the shot they wanted. The show must go on.

Between my part and the wonderful actress who helped tell the sQuishloc story, we shot the whole day. By the time we called it a wrap by 9 PM, it was 11 hours of shooting! You'll see in the behind-the scenes photos that although we were tired, we were excited too.

We did product stills on another day to add the finishing touches to the video. All in all, it took us another week to edit the video and get the right shots in.

That brings us to today! The launch was strong and we reached 35% of our goal within 7 hours! We have some ways to go, and so I present to you, the campaign video here for your support and enjoyment.