Day 7: Perfect for juice fasts

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

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Convenience beyond measure

Science has proven* that convenience is the #1 motivator to consistently keeping to a routine until they become habits.

So if starting a juice fast is part of your New Year's resolution, here a trick to make sure you stick to your plan: fill and label a day's worth of juices in a set of sQuishloc. You can keep track of your day's nutrition needs and make sure you don't miss a meal.

sQuishloc is uniquely designed to suit a juice fast from the beginning of your day to the end. Easily fill, seal and label before your day starts. Conveniently rinse and fold into your work bag to bring home for a new day. No more clunky, messy containers.

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*If you don't believe us, ask science.

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