protein shake

Day 8: Fitness made easy

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

Bro, do you even gift?

Know that special someone who loves their gym and fitness routines? What better way to show support than by giving them the gift of convenience.

Is that special someone, well -- you? Hey, that's cool too. Treat yo self!

sQuishloc comes with convenient measurement markings on the back, which makes it the only pouch you need to carry with you for a post-work out protein drink. Pour your protein mix before you leave for the gym. After your workout, fill up to the desired level, seal and shake until smooth.

Do we even need to mention how amazing sQuishloc works to carry your creams and shampoo reliably in your gym bag? We thought not. 

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sQuishloc measures up when you need it to.