Day 5: Travel light

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

Come fly with me

The days of casually packing all our toiletries in their original bottles and tubes are far behind us. Besides, no one wants to carry their entire bathroom in a carry-on anyway. 

To help keep your creams, gels and liquids under allowable limits for a flight, use sQuishloc's handy measurement tracking on the back. It also folds comfortable into thirds and takes up precious little room when you're packing light.

sQuishloc can not only hold under the pressure of flying, it's also seals reliably to throw in with your clothes and other belonging. No mess, no fuss. 

Want to fly with us? The earlybird rewards are disappearing soon!