Day 5: Travel light

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

Come fly with me

The days of casually packing all our toiletries in their original bottles and tubes are far behind us. Besides, no one wants to carry their entire bathroom in a carry-on anyway. 

To help keep your creams, gels and liquids under allowable limits for a flight, use sQuishloc's handy measurement tracking on the back. It also folds comfortable into thirds and takes up precious little room when you're packing light.

sQuishloc can not only hold under the pressure of flying, it's also seals reliably to throw in with your clothes and other belonging. No mess, no fuss. 

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Day 4: Spice it up

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

Get your shelf together!

sQuishloc is a complete space-saver when it comes to organizing your kitchen. Replace clunk and clutter in your spice rack with labelled pouches and sleek design that's perfect for even the coziest of living spaces. 

Keep the fragrance and freshness of your favourite dried spices and powders with the air-tight seal stick. Sprinkle in to your recipes or measure it out by pouring from the spout.

Order your set now from Kickstarter and watch how maintaining an organized kitchen can be the easiest new year's resolution to conquer in 2016. 

Day 3: Mess-free breakfasts

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

A part of your complete breakfast

Who doesn't love a pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning? But the reality of mixing and pouring the messy batter can be a formidable annoyance. 

Just shake and pour. 

So try this: pour instant pancake mix (they're great!) and add water, all in one sQuishloc. Its reliable seal stick and spout makes shaking well to mix and pouring straight into a heated pan is not just drip-free but actually fun and convenient. Even kids can do it (with grown-up supervision, of course).

When done, just rinse and repeat next weekend!

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Day 2: Hiking and camping snacks covered

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

On the road again...

Like to pack light and easy on your hiking and camping trips? sQuishloc lets you carry just the right amount of nutritious nuts, trail mixes and other snacks you need to get through your adventure. 

Fits right into your backpack or rucksack pocket

For all you happy campers, it also makes a great way to bring milk and other simple foods without having to carry the entire bag or carton. 

Just think about how easy it would be to use as a back-up water bottle when it's emptied. Or fold it up to save space!

Like the sound of that? Check out our Kickstarter page and buy now!

Day 1: Carry your soups for lunch

A new use for sQuishloc everyday! 

Curious about how to use sQuishloc? We have 12 new ideas to share with you in the next 12 days.

Mo' soup for you!

sQuishloc is a perfect way way to pack lunches for school or work. Its reliable seal makes sure that your lunch is spill-free. Plus, it's super easy to rinse before you fold it back into your lunch bag or handbag. 

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Day 1: Mo' soup for you! 

Kickstarting sQuishloc

The list of things to do when putting together a Kickstarter campaign is never ending! For starters, there are decisions. Decisions typically made after production, like marketing and pricing have to be made pre-production. With my blog, I would like to share my experience of launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The first highlight on the marketing front for me is the centre of every campaign page – the video. To sum up all I've been doing over the last few months in about 3 minutes or so was one of my biggest challenges. It’s like writing a paper: you have an intro, then you dig into the meat of your content and finally wrap up the story, pitch and hook in a quick cohesive way.

I started brainstorming and imagining what my launch video would look like back in June. Storyline, product highlights, voice-overs, graphics – many options conceived, all of them considered and several canned (for good reasons too!).When time came to shoot the video in October, I had lined up a script, location, props, actor and a production team. Friends and family generously opened their homes for the shoot and offered their hands for hand modelling – I was very lucky! 

Day of the shoot we all got together at 10 AM at my cousin's beautiful apartment and the team started setting up. There were lights, cameras, and when it was time for action – I became extremely nervous. It’s just a camera not a 100,000 people, I told myself. But my mind wandered to those who will be watching this when I put my campaign up – including my siblings (who I can always count on to give it to me straight up!).

It ain't easy, being in the spotlight

I had one shot at this, since I only had the budget to shoot everything in one day. My production team was highly talented, they helped walk me through how a video is shot, the do’s and don’ts. With that in mind, and after a couple of tries, the production team had the shot they wanted. The show must go on.

Between my part and the wonderful actress who helped tell the sQuishloc story, we shot the whole day. By the time we called it a wrap by 9 PM, it was 11 hours of shooting! You'll see in the behind-the scenes photos that although we were tired, we were excited too.

We did product stills on another day to add the finishing touches to the video. All in all, it took us another week to edit the video and get the right shots in.

That brings us to today! The launch was strong and we reached 35% of our goal within 7 hours! We have some ways to go, and so I present to you, the campaign video here for your support and enjoyment.  

Fall sQuishloc Giveaway!

Hey there friends and fans! This cool fall weather has only made us think more of the warmth and love we get from you along our sQuishloc journey.

And to show our love we are giving away $15 Jamba Juice gift cards to two lucky winners! 

Enter the contest with 3 easy steps:

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Rules: This giveaway ends on Tuesday, October 27 at 12PM EST; the winner will be chosen and notified by Friday, October 30 at 10AM EST. All entries will be verified before the winner is announced. To be eligible to win you must be following the account at the time winners are chosen at random. This #contest isn’t sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.

*Tagging celebs, giveaway hosts, or fake accounts will disqualify your entry.

sQuishloc at Collision Conference 2015

Earlier this year, sQuishloc was invited to exhibit at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas from May 5-6, 2015. It was a great opportunity for us to validate the product, walk amongst our target market and get feedback.

Prior to launch of the conference, we were listed as the 20 most Phenomenal startups exhibiting at Collide!

Day 1 (May 5th)

Despite being a non-tech product at a tech conference we managed to attract attendees -sQuishloc pouches were filled with bright green aloe gel, grabbing the attention of passerby. Approximately 200 people stopped by our booth that day, our biggest sell was; how it was re-usable, collapsible and travel friendly.

We met many future customers and were thrilled to see them test the product for leakage, most suggested that they would use it for travel, adventures (hiking,camping etc.) at the gym for their protein shakes and smoothies to have breakfast on the go!

Day 2 (May 6th)

On the second day we were lucky to hack a radio interview with Alan Taylor of  Popular Science Magazine. To listen our interview click here!

And this sums up our experience at the conference. 

Thank you Collision for providing us with this wonderful opportunity!