sQuishloc 5 Pack

sQuishloc 5 Pack


sQuishloc is a reusable, collapsible and convenient pouch for your on-the-go needs. Just fold, fill and seal. It's Reliable, Durable and Sturdy- Probably the most sturdy pouch you have ever used!

  • REUSABLE storage pouch for food storage and PORTABLE for travel needs, carry toiletries folds to carry-on size
  • DURABLE, BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC Free, LEAK PROOF slide seal stick, Pouch Size: 8.5 oz.
  • Freezer Safe, Dishwasher safe and EASY TO CLEAN
  • ORGANIZE your home and kitchen, use for batch cooking or spice rack. OPTIMIZE STORAGE
  • The most sturdy pouch you have ever used! NO ZIPPER! NO FUSS! Wide mouth for easy access.

NO ZIPPER DRAMA! sQuishloc has no zippers which makes it easy to expand its mouth completely to fill and clean! The innovative seal stick securely packs contents with no spillage.

EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN: No funnel needed! Extra wide opening makes filling and cleaning easy. There are no pesky corners to trap food.

DISHWASHER AND FREEZER SAFE: Pouches are top rack dishwasher safe. For best results, rinse before loading in dishwasher. Fill and store extra pouches in the freezer. Transparent design reveals pouch contents.

MEASUREMENTS AND LABELLING: oz markings help with portion control. Stay on track with quantity and mix shakes and recipes in the pouch! Max pouch capacity 250 ml or 8.5 oz. Designated space to label contents and date.

COLLAPSIBLE: Optimize storage space for smaller quantities or fill to airline carry-on limits! Use the measurement label at the back and simply fold.

ORGANIZING GENIUS: Use to store and retrieve anything from grains, spices, shakes, soups or shampoo!

COMPACT SIZE: Easy to use as a home organization tool, freezer accessory for batch cooking or a travel accessory.

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Strong, eco-friendly materials allow for repeated use. Seal stick ensures against leaks. BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

REUSABLE: Refillable pouches can be used again and again. Save money and natural resources, compared to disposable pouches. Just fill, fold and seal.


    Pouch Size: 8.5 oz.

    5 Pouches
    5 Seal sticks
    5 Caps

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