1) Please ensure you rinse the pouch and cap prior to use.

2) Twist the cap onto the spout nozzle to avoid spills.

3) Fill the pouch up to the max fill line, over filling the pouch might cause leakage.

4) Use the seal stick to close the pouch. Here is a video showing how to use the seal stick:

Fill, Fold and Seal

Fill, Fold and Seal

Cleaning and caring for your sQuishloc:

  • Pouches are best maintained when washed by hand. Rinse out the pouches and use a bottle cleaning sponge/brush to clean it.
  • The pouches are top rack dishwasher safe. Avoid running through them an extremely hot dishwasher cycle.
  • Pouches are freezer safe.

Travel use:

  • You can fold the sQuishloc pouch to the size you need after you have sealed the pouch.
  • Make sure you release excess air to easily fold the pouch.
  • Use an elastic band to secure the pouch in it's place.

Feel free to email us with any questions